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Early-Release Previews – Resident and Student Articles

With some of the brightest medical students and residents in the country, FCAAP likes to highlight the work and accomplishments of these future pediatricians. This section provides a sneak-peak of some of the student and resident articles that will be published in future editions of The Florida Pediatrician.

First Presentation of a MED12 Mutation Causing Capillary Malformation and Hemihyperplasia h PDF
by Jacob B Diamond, MS; Thao Vu, MD; Kendall R Steadmon, MD

Not All Posterior Rib Fractures are Non-Accidental Trauma: Birth Records, Timing of Injury, and Time to Diagnosis Remain Paramount h PDF
by Cameron M. Rosenthal, MD; Madelin Schneck, MD; Dillon Joiner, MD

Status Epilepticus and Hydrocephalus in a 2-year-old Female h PDF
by Gabriela M. Moraru, MD; Gaurav Saigal MD; Charles D. Mitchell MD

The Clash of Culture and Medicine: is Chiari 1 a Curse? h PDF
by Jhulianna Vivar, BS, Florence Desrosiers, MD, MBA, Giovanna Salome, PhD, Rebecca Plant, MD

Promoting Literacy and Developmental Milestones: Teaching Primary Care Pediatricians via the Reach Out and Read Program Model h PDF
by Adriana Delgado-Alvarez, DO; Emma Mancini, MD; Sarah Marsicek, MD


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