FCAAP Projects

FCAAP is engaged in a variety of grant-funded projects throughout the year with the help and leadership of its Committees, Task Forces, and members. Below is a list of current and recently concluded grant-funded projects. Details on learning opportunities associated with projects can be found on the FCAAP Member Resources page.

For more information on how to get involved or to start a new project, please contact Ashley Politz, FCAAP Director of Programs and Events, at apolitz@fcaap.org.


Status: Concluded


FCAAP used its social media platforms to share science-based information on vaccines and the diseases they protect against asl well as the addressing misinformation related to the seriousness of measles. Additionally, two PSAs were created to share the information in different formats- a 90 second PSA was created for online sharing and use in clinics and was translated into Spanish and Creole and a 30 second PSA was created for TV streaming services. All of the materials were shared with members and the 67 county health departments.

Suicide Prevention

Status: Current

Primary Leaders: Drs. Corrine Bria and Jennifer Hipp, FCAAP Suicide Prevention Ambassadors

Funded through a grant from the AAP, FCAAP’s 2023-2024 Suicide Prevention Ambassadors are collaborating with the Florida Chapters of the American Suicide Prevention Foundation to identify suicide prevention resources for children and adolescents on Medicaid in Jacksonville and Orlando, and to establish relationships with community partners to facilitate conversations between pediatricians, families, and community organizations working towards suicide prevention in children and adolescents.

Infectious Diseases

Status: Concluded

Associated Task Force: Emerging Infections

The FCAAP Emerging Infections Task Force created two algorithms to help general pediatricians provide appropriate care for two common conditions that affect newborns in Florida. The algorithms were broadly disseminated FCAAP News, FCAAP Connections, news posts on the FCAAP website and on the FCAAP Vidcast. Each algorithm was highlighted in social media posts.

HPV and Influenza

Status: Concluded

Associated Committee: Immunizations

FCAAP used its social media platforms to share information on vaccines and the diseases they protect against helps to balance the misinformation being shared online, in the media, and by the state’s leaders. FCAAP created an educational PSA for use on social media, websites, and in waiting rooms which was translated into Spanish and Creole. Large public ad spots were placed throughout Jacksonville, Florida, which has the lowest rate of HPV immunizations in the state. All of the resources were shared with all 67 county health departments in the state.

Immunization Health Equity

Status: Concluded

Associated Committee: Immunizations

FCAAP used its social media platforms to share information on vaccines and the diseases they protect against. Static posts and videos were used and focused on symptom identification and when to see a pediatrician. A PSA and social media content in 3 languages were shared with FCAAP members, families, and all 67 county health departments across the state. Additionally, public transit ads and billboards were utilized to reach as many families as possible.

Project FirstLine

Status: Concluded

Associated Committee: Emerging Infections

FCAAP conducted an Infection Prevention and Control Challenge whereby pediatric healthcare providers were invited to identify an infection prevention or control practice/tip that you’ve developed or perfected within your practice and share it online with other providers. FCAAP also produced a webinar around the topic of measles.

Disaster preparedness

Status: Concluded

Primary Leader: Disaster preparedness ambassador Dr. Mavra Agrawal
Associated Committee: Disaster Preparedness

FCAAP created PSA, using resources and information identified during the previous project, to help pediatricians educate Florida’s families about disaster preparedness and the special considerations for children with special healthcare needs. A resource guide was created for pediatricians which includes an educational webinar, PSA, flyers for use in clinics, and social media images and messages for use by pediatric practices. The PSA and resources were shared via the FCAAP website, FCAAP Connection, FCAAP Newsletter, FCAAP Vidcast, and on FCAAP social media accounts.


Status: Concluded

Primary Leader: Dr. Jasmine Reese
Associated Committee: Mental Health Task Force

The project provided a new training curriculum, TRIAD, which was used at the state’s pediatric residency programs as part of one of the residents’ required rotations during their 2nd year of residency. Residents were taught how to screen, diagnose, and initiate treatment for mental health issues such as depression.

Patient Centered Medical Home Transition

FCAAP’s 2023 Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Transition Program was such a success, we’re doing it again! Funded through a grant from Sunshine Health and in partnership with Patient Centered Solutions Consulting, LLC (PCS), FCAAP’s 2024 project will facilitate the transformation of ten primary care pediatric practices, providing full-service consultation and support. Recruitment is open now and the project will conclude this fall with all ten practices successfully completing the program and attaining recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home Program!

If you’re interested in learning more about how your practice can participate in a this year’s PCMH transition project, please complete this brief assessment.

Thank you to Sunshine Health for sponsoring this project!


Status: Current

Funded by a grant from the AAP with support from AT&T, the focus of this project is to support pediatricians in their efforts to educate families and caregivers about the importance of establishing healthy digital habits for their families, strengthen family awareness and use of the AAP Family Media Plan, and encourage use of the AT&T Phone Ready Quiz. FCAPP will host a provider training and will work with community partners to educate families.


Status: Current

Associated Taskforce: E-Cigarette

Focus: Educating providers on the use of the Ask-Counsel-Treat model with a focus on youth vaping cessation coupled with sharing Florida specific resources available.


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