Partner with FCAAP

FCAAP is one of the largest, most successful chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics and partnering with us is a proven strategy to market your brand, product, and services to more than 2,600 pediatric healthcare professionals. Our members are a diverse, educated community with a high degree of recognition and appreciation for businesses and organizations who support our mission. Your partnership demonstrates your commitment to distinguishing yourself as a leader in pediatric healthcare and to ensuring access to quality healthcare for all children.

Corporate Members benefit from high-profile sponsorship opportunities for educational events including The Future of Pediatric Practice annual conference and the popular FCAAP Forum webinar series. Corporate Member partnerships also support community and legislative events such as Children’s Week, held annually at the Florida Capitol, and ongoing research and projects that improve the delivery of pediatric healthcare services in Florida.

In addition to our live and online events, FCAAP offers Partners effective online marketing within our publications, including our quarterly peer-reviewed journal, monthly newsletter, member updates, as well as website advertising opportunities. Visit our publications page for more information on how FCAAP advertising can enhance your marketing.

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Contact Alicia E. Adams, Executive Director, at 850-224-3939 ext. 1000.