IPC Champion Challenge!

Are you a pediatric healthcare provider in Florida? If so, the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Champion Challenge is for you! The Challenge is designed to raise awareness of everything pediatricians are doing to keep kids, families, and their communities safe...

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Hurricane Ready Florida 

Led by the FCAAP Disaster Preparedness Ambassador, Dr. Mavra Agrawal in collaboration with Dr. Michelle Blanco, Dr. Marisa Couluris, and Dr. Jennifer Takagishi, and with the support of the AAP Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Ambassador Grant Program, FCAAP’s Disaster Preparedness Committee worked with several state agencies and pediatric healthcare experts around the state to identify solutions related to systems of care for vent-dependent children during a natural disaster.

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The Future of Pediatric Practice (FPP), FCAAP’s annual conference, is celebrating ten years this Fall – and there’s more to FPP than CME sessions!

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