AAP members can comment on 2020 resolutions

Feb 21, 2020 | News

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is pleased to provide AAP members the opportunity to review and share comments electronically on resolutions for the Annual Leadership Forum (ALF).

Please share your comments on any resolutions that are of interest to you. An important aim of the ALF is to incorporate diverse perspectives in the discussion and debate of leading pediatric issues. Your comments are important to the AAP leadership and representatives of your district, chapter, committee, council, and section who will attend the ALF and vote on resolutions. Please note that AAP resolutions are advisory and not binding.

Comments received on resolutions from AAP members and ALF attendees will be compiled and shared with members of the reference committees and also posted online by Monday, March 9, so that ALF attendees can view the report. Keep in mind that the report shared with ALF attendees and resolution authors will include your name, district, how you voted for the resolution and your comments. Please focus your comments on the content of the resolution itself.

Comments considered inappropriate, slanderous or containing personal criticism as determined by the ALF Executive Committee will be removed. Inappropriate and removed content will not be considered during the drafting of the reference committee report. Comments will not be accepted after Friday, February 28.

The ALF is scheduled for March 12-14.

To share your comment on a resolution, please click here. AAP Member log in required.

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