2024 FCAAP Elections

Thank you to all FCAAP members who participated in the nominations process for the 2024 election. The Nominations Committee has confirmed a slate of excellent candidates for this year’s election.

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Countering Disinformation with Decency: A Presentation of SHOT IN THE ARM

The Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics has the privilege of welcoming Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy to The Future of Pediatrics 2024.  During the Sunday luncheon at the Future of Pediatric Practice, Scott will lead an interactive session with select scenes from his documentary, SHOT IN THE ARM, which explores vaccine hesitancy historically and in the context of Covid-19.

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Disaster Preparedness PSA

Through the continued support of the AAP Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Ambassador Grant Program, FCAAP has produced a new PSA to help families prepare for a natural disaster.

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IPC Champion Challenge Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Champion Challenge! We loved seeing what you are doing to keep kids, families, and their communities safe and healthy – and the innovative ways you’ve learned to prevent and control the spread of infections in your practices. Congratulations to FCAAP’s IPC Champion Challenge winners. Check out who won and the IPC tips that earned them recognition.

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Measles Resource Guide

FCAAP's Measles Resource Guide With the measles outbreak over the past few months, FCAAP has dedicated itself to creating resources for pediatricians to help them familiarize themselves with measles and the latest recommendations for the management of measles, and to...

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HIV Exposed Infant Breastfeeding Algorithm

HIV Exposed Infant Breastfeeding Algorithm In January 2023, the guidelines for breastfeeding in HIV exposed infants were updated. For the first time, these guidelines included the opportunity to discuss breastfeeding with mothers who are interested in breastfeeding...

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CMV Evaluation Algorithm

CMV Evaluation Algorithm In January 2023, Florida introduced a targeted screening program to identify congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) in newborns who do not pass their hearing tests, with the primary objective of promptly identifying and supporting infants at risk...

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Measles PSA

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 23, 2024 Florida Chapter of AAP Launches PSA to Educate Florida’s Families About Measles Tallahassee, Florida – The Florida Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, Inc., (FCAAP) is proud to announce the release of a new public...

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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 23, 2024 Florida Chapter of AAP Launches PSA to Help Improve HPV Vaccination Rates in FL The human papillomavirus causes several types of cancers. HPV vaccination is cancer prevention. Tallahassee, Florida – The human papillomavirus...

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