IPC Champion Challenge!

Mar 14, 2024 | News

Are you a pediatric healthcare provider in Florida? If so, the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Champion Challenge is for you! The Challenge is designed to raise awareness of everything pediatricians are doing to keep kids, families, and their communities safe and healthy – and to highlight the innovative ways you’ve learned to prevent and control the spread of infections in your practice settings. Joining the Challenge is easy – simply identify an infection prevention or control practice/tip that you’ve developed or perfected within your practice and share it online with other providers! We have all learned so much over the past three years about ways to keep everyone safe and stop the spread of germs, so spread the knowledge by sharing your experience today!

How you share your tip can be as creative as the tip you share! Record a video describing the practice/tip; take photos of how your practice/tip is implemented in your office and pair them with a written description; have the team in your practice demonstrate your practice/tip in a video; or simply describe your practice/tip in writing. Submit your IPC practice/tip to FCAAP by completing this quick entry form, or by emailing FCAAP Executive Director, Alicia Adams, at Include your full name, practice name, and any social media handles for yourself and your practice.

Everyone who submits an IPC practices/tips between now and May 1, 2024, will receive a prize and will be considered for one of the grand prizes – one for best IPC practice/tip and one for most creative way a practice/tip is shared. The winners will be selected by the FCAAP IPC Ambassadors, Dr. Allison Messina and Dr. Ivan Gonzalez, and announced in June 2024. Prizes for all participants, including the grand prize winners, will be sent in June 2024.

This activity is funded through an AAP grant as part of the CDC’s national collaborative Project Firstline.

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