Mosquito Borne Illnesses

Aug 15, 2019 | News

A message from Andrea Morrison, Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance Coordinator, Florida Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection, Bureau of Epidemiology:

As we continue to see increased dengue virus activity in the Americas, now is the time for providers to consider dengue. This is also the time of year most at-risk for introduction into Florida. Both PCR and antibody testing is available commercially and PCR testing is the only way to definitively diagnose acute dengue infections. Patients who have been previously exposed to another dengue serotype may show elevated IgG titers and have transient or no elevated dengue IgM titers, making identification of such cases difficult without PCR testing on the acute sample. It will be important to also follow up on possible cases with positive dengue IgG results to determine if an acute infection consistent with dengue fever was reported. Additionally, patients with suspected dengue fever also should be evaluated, tested, and managed for possible Zika or chikungunya virus infection if travel was to areas where these viruses are present, as co-infection is possible.

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