NEW Medical Student Resource

Jul 25, 2016 | News

The FCAAP Medical Student Committee is releasing a new newsletter aimed at medical students focused on prevalent public health and medical topics in the field of family and child health. The newsletters will include helpful tools and community resources to address the many components of health that medical students may see in clinics and inpatient settings. In addition, the newsletter will help students stay connected to the latest events and leadership opportunities offered by FCAAP.

Join the FCAAP Medical Student Committee listserv today and stay tuned for the first newsletter in September, which will focus on food insecurity. Be sure to also join FCAAP to receive other important updates related to the practice of pediatrics in Florida.

Join the listserv by clicking here. Don’t know who your school’s FCAAP medical student representative is? Contact the Chair of the FCAAP Medical Student Committee to be sure your school is represented!


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