Rally for Gun Violence Research

Jun 13, 2019 | News

Rally with Gabby Giffords for Gun Violence Research in Orlando!


On Saturday, June 29th at 11am we’ll be at the rotunda in the Orlando Museum of Art for a rally to tell the Senate: Congress must fund gun violence research!


Why? It’s simple: The NRA has lobbied to keep gun violence research underfunded for the past 20 years. In fact, gun violence research is estimated to receive less than 2 percent of the funding it should based on the scope of the issue. We’re putting an end to that.


If we’re serious about making our country safer, we need to better understand the causes of gun violence. Funding federal research would vastly increase what is known about gun violence and support lifesaving policy reform.

The House allocated $50 million to study gun violence — the first dedicated funding in 20 years. We can’t let this vital funding be gutted by senators who care more about the gun lobby than public safety.


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