Oct 3, 2022 | News

The assistance of health care workers in the aftermath of disasters is vital, and systems are in place to maximize volunteer efforts. …

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, the Florida Department of Health (DOH), in conjunction with Volunteer Florida, is requesting the assistance of licensed health care professionals to volunteer their assistance in support of storm recovery efforts. In Florida, more than 200 shelters are in operation to serve displaced Floridians. In addition, rescue efforts continue for those who did not evacuate ahead of the storm.

Immediate assistance for affected areas is provided by first responders, health care practitioners, government groups, and disaster relief organizations and their affiliated volunteers who are already trained and ready to serve. It is very important for unaffiliated volunteers not to self-deploy. The very best way volunteers can help is to register with experienced and trusted organizations so their efforts can be coordinated properly.

If you are able to volunteer in relief efforts, you can register right now with Volunteer Florida, the state’s lead agency in coordinating volunteer efforts. Registering with Volunteer Florida ensures volunteers are placed where they can do the most good for those affected.

Here’s how to register:

STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Select “Volunteer”
STEP 3: View volunteer opportunities posted on the page
STEP 4: Select “Express Interest”
STEP 5: Create a volunteer account or log in to an existing account

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for disaster relief efforts. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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